Cabrera Anguiano Rogelio

“The magician of the brush…” – so has been described Mexican artist Rogelio Anguiano. Born in Mexico City, Maestro Anguiano is consideredone of the last virtuosos of the “classical technique” following the legacy of the great 19th century landscape artist José-Maria Velasco. A highly regarded artist, he has received many distinctions for his output as well as for his work representing the Mexican national culture heritage.

In 1962 he graduated from the famed San Carlos Arts Academy with the title of Master of Fine Arts. His expertise and knowledge of a wide variety of styles and techniques have allowed him to create a vast production that includes: ventures into realism, surrealism and expressionism; still lifes, miniatures, portraits of prominent Latin American personalities and politicians and more recently, landscapes where the use of the spatula has been privileged.

Maestro Anguiano has participated in numerous exhibitions in his native land as well as in Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. His special and uncommon technique has been sought after for major restorations as well, such as Rufino Tamayo’s renowned “Man Before the Infinite”.