Moskalev Sergei

3 - Photo Personnelle MoskalevSergei was born in Russia graduated from Penza Art Studio and Penza Art College named after Stravinsky.

Since 1992 he became a member of the UNESCO International Artist’s Federation.

In 2004, Sergei has immigrated to Israel and became honorary member of Israeli art association granted by Ministry of Absorption.

Sergey Moskalev took a part in various exhibitions and expositions in France (Paris, Rambo Ville), Spain, Canada, Russia and Israel.

His paintings may be found in private collection of ambassadors, ministers, governors and mayors of Russia, Israel and US.

“The Russian realistic school enriched by Israeli national culture has remarkably stimulated Sergei’s creative work. He reconstitutes the local ethnicity vividly. The colouristic smartness is built on using brightly lit parts of landscape, clothing and architecture, so that the high temperature of the broiling sun is felt physically. The colour is burnt, turned into white stains that reflect the luminary’s fiery power…”

Larisa Buyalskaya, art critic