Limited Edition Giclee

A Fine print or ‘’a Giclee’’ is a digital ink jet print made to reproduce artwork and photography. The process employs a highly refined ink jet print head that has thousands of tiny nozzles that sprays very fine, overlapping layers of pigmented ink into paper or canvas to create stunning prints with superior clarity and colors. Aliyah Arts Galerie offers some selected artist artworks in high resolution, digital reproduction on supports such as:

The canvas; it provides color and a high textured finish, high quality identical to an original painting. Acrylic is a modern process color printing with an identical appearance to the glass with incredible shine and depth. Acrylic support, available in several thicknesses and finish is ideal for a contemporary interior design.

Each artwork is limited to 25 copies, plus a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Sherrf Haim

Anna Zarnitsky

Rogelio Cabrera

Chapiro Mikhail

Alex Levin

Shapiro Boris

Michael Edery