Edery Michael

Since its youngest age (first drawing realized on its diaper) the art to paint was imperative such as vocation. Native of Marseille, Michael Edery, knew how to impose his style through each of its works and invites us in a coloured universe.

It is in the perfect control of the brush, that he realizes fascinating individual portraits, recomposed movie scenes, or he retranscribes daily universes lived by characters of diverse times. His inspirations are so many connotations in the cinema, in the song, fashionably and in the culture.

A synergy between creativity and rudeness gives an even social and moral emotional, sentimental aesthetic dimension to its works. The characters take life through paintings with regard to an attitude, to a face, to a smile, marked out by words, slogans, sentences.

A way of crossing the generations through the art. Distinguishing itself from the street art or from the graffiti, Michael Edery seems to bring a new breath to the Pop Art, that of the movement halfway between modernity and past wealth…