Noah Lubin

Noah Lubin was born in 1980 in Chicago USA into an artistic family. His

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mother had an “art salon” and thus he came into contact with many artists. He always felt he had the vocation to paint, but only in 2008 he revealed himself as an artist with an immediate and overwhelming success. He uses different media such as acrylic, oil, and markers and mixes them, creating fresh and provocative color combinations. His style is also unique in the combination of Fauvism, Cubism and Neo-Expressionism.

“I want to see beyond what the eye sees, beyond outward shape, and draw close to the inner life of things. I want to touch how it touches the imagination and spirit more intimately than the senses. I’m curious of its secrets, and why is it hiding? And I need to share this because there is no meaning in solitude as duality is the pinnacle of creation. And G-d placed within you and I this beginning, this Genesis/Beresheis, its story, its suggestive power. I cannot abort this pregnancy within my hands. So For this I paint, locked in the corridor between exile and redemption, in pursuit of the lost intimacy of being, of exchange, of the personality behind the personality of presence. And I walk into this opaque as a blind man with a large nose and trace it’s scent through the soft bristles of a buttered painters brush.”“A very contemporary artist, aware of the cosmopolitan and intercultural world that surrounds him…”

“I want to gain intimacy with the world around me. And to not live as a stranger who passed through this world without learning names and the faces which transcend those names. I look, I listen, I touch, I taste, I paint. And in painting I love, like a child, simply.”

Noah Lubin about his work

“Noah Lubin has abandoned the political and social commitment for which he has no taste, but he retained an undeniable curiosity and fascination for the human being in general which he approaches with clear-sightedness and love…” Clarisse Bouillet, Art Historian, France.

“Nothing is predictable, arranged, polite. All his work, each of the canvases that he paints are a surprise, a discovery and a delight. It is a new language telling us fantastic stories, inhabited by characters surprising by their truth, fascinating by their seriousness or overflowing with their cheerfulness.” Asher Mene, Curator.