Community Contribution

Aliyah Arts Galerie is involved and support – in many ways – the following organizations in Quebec and in Canada.
Thank you; with your contribution we are able to make a difference.

Caisse Beth Yossef

La Caisse Beth Yossef is an organization run entirely by volunteers that helps people of the Jewish community in times of difficulty and crisis, with respect for their privacy, with compassion and with rapid response. Supporting La Caisse Beth Yossef is supporting our community.

The Escale Chabad du Nord

The Escale Chabad du Nord is a strictly Glatt Kosher holiday resort. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Laurentians, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, L’Escale is a destination particularly well-suited to host families, study and meditating groups, seminars, as well as discovery, exploration and vacation.

Académie Yéchiva Yavné

The Academy Yéchiva Yavné is a Jewish school which was given for mission, the teaching of the love for Hachem, the Torah and its text, and to excel at the same time in the general studies. At Yavné, they take at heart the success and the well being of each child, any child has the right to receive a full education in order to ensure his future and thus to fully fulfill his duty towards our creator.

Chabad Youth Yaldei

The only one of its kind in Quebec, Yaldei is a private, not-for-profit early intervention center dedicated to helping children with developmental challenges reach their full potential. Yaldei’s integration of advanced clinical, behavioral, educational and family support services provides children with the opportunity to learn how to walk, talk, play, attend school and lead productive lives as part of their community.

Chai Lifeline

When a child is born or diagnosed with a serious illness, the entire family is affected. Families literally can be torn apart as one parent moves into the hospital to be with the sick child. Siblings, already worried about a brother’s or sister’s health, suffer greatly when their daily routines are disrupted. The financial devastation that can occur when one parent misses work for extended periods of time or leaves work entirely to care for their child can upset even the best-functioning family unit. Chai Lifeline Canada steps in, offering whatever is needed. Counseling for each member of the family, Big Brothers and Big Sisters who bring an extra measure of adult attention and stability to children’s lives, tutoring for children who must miss school for extended periods of time, family retreats, special sibling programs, information, peer and professional support, and two extraordinary summer camp programs for seriously ill children help families retain a sense of normalcy and hope while fighting even the most dire pediatric diseases. All programs are free of charge.

Jewish Youth Network

Jewish Youth Network offers dynamic, creative and educational programs that include trips, outings, sport activities, camping, and Shabbaton weekend retreats. On the academic front, CYN offers ministry-approved high-school courses in Jewish Bible and Philosophy through our city-wide Torah 4 Teens Program, and a state-of-the-art Hebrew School for elementary age children.

Kollel Avrechim

The Kollel Avrechim was founded in September of 2001 in Montreal Canada in the borough of Côte-St-Luc. The goal of Kollel Avrechim is to learn and teach Torah for the sake of Torah, ‘’Torah Lishma’’ and to produce Torah scholar is not meant to acquire a mere technical knowledge of the texts, but rather to become a physical embodiment of the wisdom contained in the Torah that our ancestors have struggled to preserve for us. As Rav Hai Gaon said ‘’Only through Torah study can one develop a healthy fear and reverence of Hashem, humility and holiness’’.