Rabi Mordehai Sharabi

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Rabi Mordehai Sharabi

Dan DobrinDan was born in Israel in 1943. Dobrin studied architecture in London and began exploring and exercising his talent by sketching portrait images of his relatives.The Rothschild family discovered Dan Dobrin when Nadine De Rothschild was on a mission visiting the wounded. She was immediately taken by his portraiture work while she was visiting the hospital during his recovery from an injury that occurred in the War of Yom Kippur 1973.

The Rothschild family commissioned him for the next ten years painting their family portraits. During this time the demand of his work required him to move to Paris. Dobrin gained the popularity and recognition for his talent.Dobrin decided to enrich his sources of inspiration through landscapes and typical characteristics of Israeli life style. Dobrin’s drawings and paintings carry without contestation a myriad of talents. Dobrin’s paintings are passionate in color and his drawings are the fruit of refined practice.

Dobrin’s themes are often of religious subject and his more recent masterpieces reflect an essence of diversification and of desire to evolve towards other horizons. Dan Dobrin conducts whit ability to magistrate a modern and classic conception of his painting.Dobrin’s paintings has been exhibited in numerous countries.
Dobrin is a member of the National association of Members of National Order of Merit.